This website, set up by INERIS at the request of the Ministry in charge of the Environment, provides support to economic operators engaged in a substitution approach in order to promote the dissemination and sharing of information.
The website currently offers information provided by companies on the alternatives available for two families of substances, bisphenols and phthalates. They are illustrated by concrete applications, also from industrial stakeholders. The presentation of an alternative on this website does not in any way constitute a recommendation or a validation by INERIS of this solution or related information. We also propose a newsletter that summarizes the most recent news that we identified through an active monitoring.

In order to enrich and improve the diversity of information, we encourage you to send your substitution experiences or proposals for alternatives via the Contact section.

In addition, within the framework of implementation of the National Strategy on Endocrine Disruptors, the Ministry in charge of the Environment entrusted the MEDEF and INERIS (the French Business confederation) with the co-piloting of a working group whose mission is the drafting of a national guidance to help with the substitution of endocrine disruptors. This document is expected to be published in 2018 and the working group's reflexions are already available on the website.