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This section of the website aims to inform about websites allowing you to get Information about chemicals substitution.

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Chemical substances portal Regulation ; Toxicology ; Economy (in French)

National Regulatory Assistance Service REACH

Regulation (in French) Methodology ; Alternative Substances/Materials ; CMR
INRS Alternative Substances/Materials/Process (in French)
ECHA Methodology ; Regulation ; Funding ; Agenda
OCDE SAATOOLBOX Methodology ; Alternative Substances/Materials/Products ; Regulation

Alternative Substances

Toxicology ; Solvents

SUBSPORT Methodology ; Alternative Substances/Materials/Products ; Regulation ; Toxicology
CHEMSEC Methodology ;Alternative Substances/Materials/Products ; Textile industry
TURI Methodology ; Toxicology
Montreal University Methodology ; Solvents (in French)
Data Commons Toxicology
Green Screen Toxicology
Department of ecology State of Washington Toxicology