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This section of the website aims to inform about websites allowing you to get Information about chemicals substitution.

Website Theme Link
Chemical substances portal Regulation ; Toxicology ; Economy (in French)

National Regulatory Assistance Service REACH

Regulation (in French)
Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution Alternative Substances/Materials/Process Methodology ; Alternative Substances/Materials ; CMR
INRS Alternative Substances/Materials/Process (in French)
ECHA Methodology ; Regulation ; Funding ; Agenda
OCDE SAATOOLBOX Methodology ; Alternative Substances/Materials/Products ; Regulation

Alternative Substances

Toxicology ; Solvents

SUBSPORT Methodology ; Alternative Substances/Materials/Products ; Regulation ; Toxicology
CHEMSEC Methodology ;Alternative Substances/Materials/Products ; Textile industry
TURI Methodology ; Toxicology
Montreal University Methodology ; Solvents (in French)
Data Commons Toxicology
Green Screen Toxicology
Department of ecology State of Washington Toxicology
ChemForward Alternative Substances
CleanGredients Alternative products
TCO Certified Alternative Substances
UL Prospector Alternative Substances
SpecialChem Alternative Substances
Projet PHAROS Toxicology
WIPO GREEN Alternative technology
CHEMYCAL Regulation