Practical Methodological Guide for Assessing Substitution Solutions

On February 8, 2016, the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy asked INERIS and MEDEF(*) to form a working group to create a methodology to assess substitution solutions, in the form of a practical guide. A working group, created on the base of a call to the members of the Health and Environment Group which is charged with monitoring of the PNSE3(**) and with the road map from the environmental conference, met four times until June 2017. At the end of a validation process, notably by the GT4 of the PNSE3, the guide was submitted to the Director General of Risk Prevention, who approved it.

This guide is intended to guide businesses, as well as other stakeholders (non-profits) and public authorities, in particular in order to help them to compare different potential alternatives and to identify a substitute. This guide is presented as a documented review of all the stages leading to the final qualification of the substitution options.

*   MEDEF : The French Business Confederation

**  PNSE3 : Plan National Santé Environnement 3 [3rd National Health and Environment Plan]