Selection and use of chemicals in small and medium sized enterprises

Publié le 12/12/2016
Ökopol / Institut für Ökologie und Politik GmbH - Öko-Institut e.V. - Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE GmbH
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The criteria for the sustainable selection and use of chemicals were developed by the Umweltbundesamt between 2008 and 2010 and reflect the current state of the expert discussion. They were compiled in a guide for small and medium sized enterprises (SME). These criteria and the systematic approach outlined in the guide were to be further tested and analysed within the scope of the current project using practical examples and reference experiences.
Besides some fundamental systematic aspects regarding the guide’s applicability3, it was tested and discussed in close cooperation with two SMEs, how they could select and scrutinize their chemicals using the sustainability criteria of the guide.
The UFOPLAN-project was carried out in cooperation between Ökopol (project management), Öko-Institut e.V. and the Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE GmbH.