Edited on 06/26/2017
After evaluation of the socio-economic impact, SEAC adopted their opinions on restriction proposal on four phthalates: DEHP, DBP, DIBP and BBP.
Edited on 06/22/2017
The Member State Committee of ECHA supported on Friday 16th June the proposal to identify bisphenol A as a substance of very high concern (SVHC) because of its endocrine disrupting properties.
Edited on 04/11/2017
SMMA is a styrene-acrylic copolymer (SMMA) without bisphenol A able to replace polycarbonate and other transparent polymers (PMMA, SAN ...) for applications in the fields of medical, food, …
Edited on 12/12/2016
The European Commission adopted the proposal of classification of BPA in the Category 1B as toxic to reproduction.
Edited on 12/12/2016
As part of an expert assessment published on October 2016 on toys and equipments made in plastic, ANSES identified alternatives to phthalates in toys that can be mouthed by children under three years of age.
Edited on 12/09/2016
ECHA wants to improve its support for the substitution of hazardous chemicals and contribute to the improvement of methods and practices for the analysis of alternatives.